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Some customers just want what they want, and leave you no way out, except to oblige. After seeing the motion picture "The Wall Street" with Michael Douglas, Daryl Hannah and Charlie Sheen, this customer could not forget the multi-layered plaster and masonry walls which were created by Hannah's character for Sheen's city apartment. That type of a look had to be incorporated somehow into the design of the new Kids' Den, as well as the Family Room Wall Unit.

To recreate that exact look on 15"-0' high walls would have cost thousands of dollars, and jeopardized the whole project. Another alternative solution was to trompe l'oeil the surrounding walls of the Kids' Den, creating the illusion of the real thing. This idea had opened a host of other possibilities, one of which ended up being a focal point of the entire project, - a partially crumbled masonry and reinforced steel wall of a make-believe multi-story parking garage, which became exposed to the Kids' Den with a few intimidating exotic automobile fenders hanging right at the edge of the wall. My conceptual drawing was taken to an absolute extreme by a few talented artists, who had managed to create a masterpiece of an illusionary art. One may actually see the twisted re-bars, mangled steel beams, and the exposed electrical wires, all adding a sense of realism to a very unusual interior wall treatment.

As far as the design of the Family Room Wall Unit, the same concept had to apply here too; wild, bizarre and unusual is a good thing, so let's get some more of it!!! Both rooms were adjoining via a half a flight of stairs and a 4'-0" wall opening, allowing the parents to see what the kids were doing in the Den. This see-through open feeling had triggered the design of the Wall Unit to evolve into a wild and playful piece of furniture, pleasing the senses of its owners. Some of the materials used in making the unit were glass, diamond plate aluminum, wood, and the brushed aluminum. All A/V components were placed behind a tinted glass door, and a tall armoire on the other end of the unit housed all media storage pull out drawers. The large screen TV was placed behind a diamond plate aluminum picture frame for an easy access, and all speakers were concealed behind the removable speaker cloth grilles. The unit had a few open shelves for display, as well as an open top.

What set this unit apart from the rest was the fact that it was made of a number of irregular, asymmetric, awkward-looking elements, that all were all different height, proportions, and finishes. Yet this "disfunctioning family" of components came together very nicely and created on hell of a wild Wall Unit!