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This Bedroom was designed with an understated, playful elegance in mind. The Client insisted on an uncluttered look, with plenty of room to spare. The only two pieces of furniture commissioned for this room were a Dresser / Armoire Unit and a Bed / Headboard / Night Tables Assembly. The style had to invoke a contemporary deco appearance. The front of their house had just been renovated, based on my designs, exhibiting a similar pattern of playfulness, which appealed to both, husband and wife. They liked it so much, that both had expressed an interest in having the bedroom furniture design reflect the exterior of the house

The way furniture is situated in the Bedroom, both pieces face one another on two opposite sides of the room. I wanted to create almost a mirror image, using similar decorative elements as a common thread. Both pieces have a gentle curve as a predominant visual element of the design, and the aluminum "arrow" shaped legs, which keep them afloat above the floor. The headboard encompasses the entire length of the bed and night tables, creating a seamless, streamline appearance. It houses a storage cabinet for bedding accessories, and serves at all times as a display ledge behind the bed. Both night tables have ample storage for miscellaneous items.

The Dresser / TV Unit is a stunning fusion of odd-looking shapes. The lower portion is a (6) drawer dresser and the upper portion is a combination of a media storage drawer, TV/VCR/Cable box storage, and a general storage cabinet on top. There are several glass shelves accentuated by the overhead pin light, and an odd shaped light bridge, which follows the outline of the dresser counter top.