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This project, like many other ones, had to do with creating more storage space, - an everyday luxury in high demand. While the sleeping quarters were above the modest size, the Walk-in-Closet had left a lot to wish for. The lady of the house had her entire wardrobe placed there, while the husband used every other storage area available within the rest of the dwelling to put away his clothes. Finally, the owners decided to upgrade the Master Bedroom by re-designing the furniture and maximizing its storage capacity to accommodate the husband's clothing.

The new layout was centered on the concept of the maximum storage and integration. The task of giving this room more multi-purpose storage had to meet the Clients' expectations of a harmonious, pleasing room appearance. The "new" bedroom had to have as much spaciousness as the "old" one, without any compromising. The list of items, which had to find their home in this room, included the following:

  • Large screen TV.
  • Audio / Video Equipment.
  • Speakers.
  • Short hanging for clothes.
  • Lots of shoes storage.
  • Lots of cubbies or shelves for folded clothing.
  • Lots of Dresser drawers.
  • Decorative display.
  • King size bed with storage.
  • (2) Night tables.
  • Storage for comforter and pillows.

As a result of careful planning, the Clients ended up with (29) full-size drawers, 6 feet of short hanging, vertical roll-out storage for (33) pairs of shoes, (18) full-size cubbies for folded clothing, as well as plenty of decorative display @ recessed niches and glass shelves. The TV and Audio / Video Equipment ended up in a corner of the room, facing the bed on a diagonal. All (5) speakers were built-in and concealed with a custom-made speaker cloth frame. The sub-woofer was placed behind the TV, in the corner.